How To Apply Our Nail polish Wraps

Our nail wraps are easy to apply and can be done anywhere! Follow the steps below to get the perfect manicure without the hassle. 

1. Start with clean hands

Oils, moisturizer, sunscreen or any dirt on your nails will prevent the wraps from properly sticking to your nails. Make sure your nails are clean before starting. We recommend using an alcohol wipe. 

2. Choose the right size

Using the right size wrap for your nails makes it a lot easier to get the wraps perfect. As our wraps are made with semidried nail polish, they have a little stretch in them so you can get it right up to the edges of your nail! If you are between sizes, choose the slightly smaller size. 

3. Stick it.

Once you’ve got the right size picked out, remove the clear protective wrap and remove the nail wrap backing. Stick it on to your nail starting from the base of the nail. If you missed your nail, the wraps can be repositioned before they settle on to your nails. Be sure not to stick it on your skin or cuticle as it will not adhere as well and will peel off and chip quicker.

4. Press down and smooth it out

Start from the base of the nail and move upwards and outwards to ensure there are no wrinkles. You can use a cuticle stick or just your finger to seal it onto the nail.


5. File away any excess

Crease the excess portion of the nail wrap downwards and use the nail file to file the wrap off the tips of the nail. Start from one side of your nail and file in a downward motion. Filing side to side can leave jagged edges, lift the nail wrap, or create dust that prevents the nail wrap from adhering properly.  Gently tug off the excess nail wrap, and then use the fine side of the nail fine to smooth the tip of the nail out.

6. You’re all done! Time to admire your work of art!


  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the components of the nail polish wraps. 
  • Use a good quality base coat and top coat!  Be sure let the base coat completely dry before putting a nail wrap on. For top coats, test out a small area of the nails first and allow it to completely dry before touching. Some quick dry top coats are not compatible with our nail wraps and may cause shrinkage. 
  • Avoid touching the adhesive side of the nail wraps as that will weaken the seal and make your nail wraps not last as long.
  • You can wipe your nail with an alcohol swab after washing your hands to remove any oil, dirt or debris. This will help the nail wrap stick better. 
  • The adhesive will settle after about 15 minutes. Avoid washing your hands or moisturizing immediately after placing them.
  • Remove nail wraps after 10 days. 


  •  If nail strips are too cold, they may peel or not stick properly. Make sure they are ROOM TEMP, and your hands are warm before applying them. You can warm the nail strips up in your back pocket
  •  Don’t leave your nail strips in the cold car or mailbox overnight


How to remove our nail wraps!

  • There are a few ways to remove our nail wraps.  However, one way you should not remove them is by picking or forcing them off. Just like nail polish, acrylic nails, or silk wraps, forcing the wrap off is not healthy for your nails. The following are recommendations on how to remove our nail wraps.

Traditional Acetone or Non-Acetone nail polish remover.

  • Gently lift a tiny area of the nail wrap near the base of the nail and along side edges to break the seal. Wrap your nails with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover (or use nail clips) and allow it a few minutes to dissolve the adhesive and polish. Gently rub off the nail wraps. Using non-acetone nail polish remover, and also use of glitter nail wraps may take a little bit more time to dissolve. 


Warm coconut oil

  • Microwave some coconut oil (or any of your favorite smelling oil) so it is just a tad bit warm. Be careful not to overheat or burn yourself. Gently lift a tiny area of the nail wrap along the base of the nail and along side edges to break the seal. Dip your fingertips in the warm oil it and let it soak for a few minutes. Gently slide the nail wraps off starting at the base where you previously lifted.  At the same time, use your other fingers to work the oil along the peeled edge of the nail wrap. The coconut oil helps to dissolve the adhesive on the nail wrap, allowing the nail wraps to come off and at the same time moisturizes your cuticles and nails.