Penguin and Polar Bear Nail Polish Strips


Penguin and Polar Bear Nail Polish Strips

16 Double-ended nail polish strips
1 Mini nail file
1 Cuticle stick

Non-Toxic. Made without phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, parabens, DBP, camphor, acetone.

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These penguin and polar bear nail polish strips are a fun Christmas design to show your holiday spirit! The geographic North Pole is the most northern point of the Earth’s axis! It is found in the Arctic Ocean. More importantly, this is the center of all things festive and magical during the winter season – It’s where Santa lives! It’s where the elves are busily building toys at Santa’s workshop, and the reindeers, polar bears, penguins, and snowmen are out playing! But did you know that in actuality polar bears are live in the North Pole, while penguins live in the South Pole?! You will never find a penguin and a polar bear living in the same place…except on our super cute Polar bear and Penguins holiday nail wraps! This set features a penguin, polar bear, and the ROUNDEST Rudolf you’ll ever find! It is centered around a green theme with green glitter and royal forest green nail polish strip. It also has some festive snowflakes and Christmas ornaments. 

Learn how to apply these penguin and polar bear nail polish strips here.