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Waterslide nail decals for those that enjoy bubble tea! This nail decal features bubble tea and our Shiba Inu collaboration with Happy Ella. They are uber kawaii nail stickers and perfect for the boba tea lover!


1 - 3 x 4 sheet with over 60 stickers

 How to use Waterslide Nail Decals

1. Clean and prep nails with a base coat and a white or light colored polish or strip.

2. Cut out the designed image.

3. Submerge the decal in water for ~10 seconds. 

4. Slide the decal off the paper backing and apply to the nail. 

5. Allow to dry and seal with 1-2 layers of a top coat. 

**Waterslides are delicate and overhandling will cause the image to run

**Waterslide decals should easily slide off the paper backing after soaking in submerging in water for 10 seconds.