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July 4th Nail Decals

July 4th Nail Decals

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Summer fun, barbeques, ice cream and donuts! July is when the warm weather starts and the celebrations are in full swing. No more school, no more classes! Time to enjoy the fun in the fun with some red, white and blue nail decals. This nail decal set has patriotic themed summer sweets we all love. Ice cream, popsicles, donuts, candies nail sticker with fireworks and banners! The bottom area feature stars which can be used as a full coverage nail decal.


60+ waterslide nail decals

How to use waterslide decals:
1) Prep nails with a base coat and WHITE OR LIGHT COLORED NAIL POLISH.
2) Cut out the decal image you want to use. Cut as close to the image as possible
3) Soak the decal paper in water for ~10 seconds
4) Carefully slide the image off the backing and onto your nail. If they don’t EASILY slide off, allow them to soak for a few more seconds. Once on your nail, gently press down to smooth out the image.
5) Allow to dry. Apply 2 layers of top coat to seal it in.

*This decal is printed on a CLEAR sheet, so any white areas will be CLEAR.
*Best if used on white or light colored nail polish as the image will be semi transparent.
* for those not familiar, waterslide nail decals in general are very delicate! Minimize handling and rubbing as the image can be smudged off, or you could rip the sheet. They are ultrathin so they blend in with your polish.
*Use tweezers if needed :)

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