SJMADE (12/14/19)

This past weekend we attended our last event for the year. It has been quite a fun year for us– meeting new people and making new friends. Thank you, THANK YOU to all the people who came out to support us, who gave us a chance and tried a demo, and who told their friends about us. We really appreciate the friendliness, conversation, and words of encouragement. ❤ 

It has been a learning experience on all ends—juggling being a mom, work, and Cutie Pop Nail Shop. However, we’ve had so much support and I am extremely thankful for my family, extended family, and friends for helping make the events possible!
Sincere thanks and much love go to my brother and sister, working the booth with me at Anime Expo…My sister, sister-in-laws, girlfriend, and cousin-in-law at Crunchy Roll Expo….my sister-in laws at Girl’s Festival and Solano Stroll…and my sister-in law and cousin-in-law at SJMade Holiday Fair…my nieces and nephews aged (2.5-12 years old) who helped me glue nail files, fold and package ALL the nail polish strips, and also do our IG live streaming of raffle winners! Most importantly, my husband who has been absolutely amazing with all the heavy lifting, driving, setup, getting us food, and also taking care of our little cutie pop (who is now 22months!!!) while we are at the events! We were short a person on Sunday, and he stepped up to run the register with the cutie pie in her stroller!!!! Of course the cutie wasn’t having it so they went to play with the kittens at the adoption center instead until grandparents could come watch her. His patience, willingness, and support have allowed me to explore my passion.
I don’t want to leave out all the hubs and grandparents who helped watch the kids and came by for moral support. Not to sound tooo cliche, but it has truly been a blessing…and I seriously hit the SIBLING and IN-LAW jackpot!
The last thing I wanted to add was that…this past week was actually our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. We started this company in December of 2018, and we’ve been at it for a whole year! We look forward to seeing what next year brings….part of it will be a mystery…but one thing we know for sure is that the Cutie Pop will be a BIG SISTER. If anyone noticed me walking around with a Char Siu bun during break…or sitting down while ringing you out, that’s the reason why. I’m soo sorry if it it seemed rude! 
Until next time! Happy Holidays!!!
Tam & the Cutie Pop Nail Shop Team
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CRX-Crunchy Roll Expo Report!

This past Labor Day Weekend our team traveled to San Jose to attend Crunchy Roll Expo at the San Jose McEnery Convention center! We were in the vendors hall at booth #1434 and boy did we have FUN. It was such an amazing experience meeting and talking to everyone. We made a few friends there, and also gained a few fans. THANK YOU for the loveeeeeee!  Our team honestly had a blast, cosplaying characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Revolutionary girl Utena…our Loli-Kei outfits didn’t make it to the event, but hopefully they’ll debut at the next event!
Day 0: Load in was a nightmare! There was a little snafu with our booth as the booth behind ours had a lot of stuff blocking our booth. It took about an hour for their stuff to be moved so we could access our booth and start setting up. Alas, we finished setting up and headed back to the hotel to prepare for the next day.
Day 1: Set up started at 8, with one of our team flying in that morning, and another coming in at 9:30 for a 10AM start! It was hustle, hustle, HUSTLE to get all our goodies displayed, and to decorate everything. At Anime Expo, we had a lot of vintage and limited edition figurines, as well as other fun kawaii items that we’ve collected over the years. For Crunchy Roll, we thought we’d have butterflies and macarons out! We even got a fun backdrop to make it look like a little bakery or tea cake shop. Too bad the lighting at CRX was SO DIM that we had to lower one of our backdrops so we could borrow light from the booth next to us. It was a tad bit hard to see some of the gorgeous glitters and metallic designs due to the poor lighting. But alas, they were still dazzling in our eyes 😉
Day 2: More fun! We did so many demos that day! Everyone walked away with some serious bling fingers <3<3<3. There were a bunch of cute designs and even I was amazed at how creative some of you all were. The combination of nail pops and nail decals to create such super KAWAII designs blew me away. WOW. There was a lot of talent and y’all had a very good eye for creating even cuter designs.
Day 3: Another fun day! We got to spend some time checking out some of the other booths and picked up some pins, stickers, ocarinas (OMG WE GOT THE SAILOR MOON AND SUSHI ONE), and mystery snack box. We hope to support other artists and collect pins to decorate our Cutie Pop Nail Shop Aprons. Maybe we could even get a pin of our own made XD. 
Thanks again everyone for making our 1st Crunchy Roll Expo a success <3 <3 <3
Don’t forget to check out our Instagram @cutiepopnailshop and @cutiepopnailshopfans if we took pictures with you! Our next event will be Solano Stroll in Albany, CA on 9/8/19. Come say hi to us!

Anime Expo 2019

This past weekend has been AMAZING! We were fortunate to have an interactive station at Annex at Anime Expo this year and it was a BLAST.  Thank you so much for all the love and support. There were so many of you that dropped by our booth! We did more free demos than we could even keep track of! To top it off, we debuted our “Happy Ella” Collaboration Nail Pops with our friends and fans at Anime Expo and they were a hit. Congrats to all the WINNERS of the daily raffle we had. If you weren’t able to pick up your winnings by the end of July 6th, we will be mailing it out so please respond to the winner’s email with your address! Unfortunately, due to an emergency we unexpectedly had to leave on Saturday. Nonetheless, it was truly a wonderful experience being there, and seeing how passionate and creative everyone is with their cosplays. We love that our Nail Pops went sooo well with some of the cosplays, and how so many of you mentioned how EASY they were to apply. We hope to see everyone next year, and at the next conventions we go to!


Cutie Pop Nail Shop Team