Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s BTS Butter nail decals. These nail decal designs feature chibi-style k-pop BTS characters with differently-colored and styled haircuts, as well as chibi-style cartoon animals of the K-pop artist. The representational characters are all cute animal forms. All these representational characters sit atop blocks of butter. There are also other examples of the butter motif - such as dripping butter - present across the designs, as well as pink hearts.

BTS Butter

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Butter nail decals are inspired by your favorite K-pop tune! Treat your nails to these catchy, music-themed nail stickers that celebrate the excitement of this catchy song. Self-adhesive and ultra-thin, these easy-peel-and-apply nail stickers feature chibi-style designs of our favorite K-pop band and their cute mascots! Fun and stylish, enjoy these chibi-style K-pop nails!