Design Your Own Custom Nail Wraps or Press-Ons

Browsing through all the nail wrap designs and still not finding what you want?

It's time to get exactly what you want, not something that just “kinda" works.
Solution: YOU design it and WE print it for you. "Custom-My-Nail-Pops" is a printing service which allows you to create your nail wrap or Press-on nail design yourself! Paint your nails with your favorite boy band, anime character, or even pet!


Customize your nail art

Customize your nail art now by adding any picture from your computer or choose one from the internet. All that's left for you to do is check it out--we're confident that you'll love these nails as much as we do!


Custom Nail Wraps

16 Nail Strips

1 mini nail file

1 wooden stick


Press-On Nails:


10 Press-on nails

1 mini nail file

1 Wooden Stick

2 Adhesive tab sheets

1 Mini nail glue


File Guidelines:

1. Please use PNG or at least 300 dpi print quality files. 150dpi may result in blurry or pixelated images.

2. Crop your images to a ratio of longitudinal rectangle (~9:16 or 1:2 Width/Height) to ensure proper placement in the customizer view 6. Occasionally, view 6 may look different. When printing, we will do our best to place the image as you have created it in view 1-5. 

3. Don't place important details very close to the edges. Avoid designs with borders. Borders may appear uneven if the image is shifted. If necessary, give plenty of space to ensure it does not get cut off during the printing process. 

4. Ensure the details in the image are not too small! Remember, these will be printed on nail wraps so the image will be smaller than what you see on a screen. 

5. Pink areas are GUIDELINES ONLY. They will default to WHITE. We recommend you create your images first (using canva/phone app etc) and upload into the customizer.

*Please note that this is a custom nail sticker/press-on nail printing service  and you will supply the images for your design. We do not create the images or graphics. Please ensure that you have the appropriate authority to use the images you provide. We reserve the right to reject and refund orders that we deem inappropriate (including but not limited to racist, nude, lewd words or imagery).  We may review submitted designs and may communicate with you if we note any images that may contain errors.  

*Our nail wraps are NOT THE SAME as our nail polish strips.  Our custom nail wraps are not compatible with most nail polishes. They require 1-2 topcoats with UV/LED cured GEL polish. Please note that Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is not compatible with our nail wraps. 

Custom Nail Wraps & Custom Press-On Nails

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