Custom Press-On Booking Page

🌟 Custom Nail Art Printing Instructions at Convention🌟

We're thrilled to offer custom nail art printing on your press-on nails! To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, please follow these instructions:

📅 Appointments: Appointments are 20 minutes long. Please arrive on time for your scheduled slot. We will start taking walk-ins 5-mins after the appointed time. Reach out to us if you are running behind. 

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🖼️ What to Bring:

  1. Press-On Nails: You can either bring the set of press-on nails you'd like us to print on or you can pick one from our selection! We will also have blank nail tips of various sizes and shapes to print on as well. 
  2. Image: Bring a high-resolution image (png or jpg) of the design you'd like on your nail. The image should be cropped to roughly a 1 x 1.5 ratio to fit the nail. Avoid placing important details near the edges of the nail.

💅 Design Placement: Let us know which nail (e.g., thumb, index) you'd like the design on.

🕰️ Printing Process: Your custom nail art will be printed and gel-painted while you wait. Alternatively, you can pick up your printed nails at the end of the day.

Due to time constraints, we allow for up to 4 nails to be printed during the single appointment. 


Press-On Nails $40


$10 for 2 printed nails

$15 for up to 4 printed nails

Includes rhinestones or glitter

Price without Press-On Nails  

$8 per printed nails

Includes rhinestones or glitter


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We can't wait to create your unique and stunning nail art! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on IG or FB msg @cutiepopnailshop