Cloth Masks for the community!

Cloth Masks for the community!

Community Highlight During Covid-19


Major shout out to our Cutie Pop Nail Shop mama for making these amazing and adorable masks in our brand colors! Mrs. Nguyen has been hard at work sewing cloth masks to donate to the community to protect against Covid-19.  As a long time member of the American Red Cross and SAP-VN (we’re talking well over a decade, and 1000+ hours of volunteerism), Mrs. Nguyen is full of heart. If you ask her how many masks she’s sewn and donated, she probably won’t tell you…but she’s sewn over TWO THOUSAND since the start of the pandemic. Through SAP-VN, her and their team have donated several thousand masks to community members, essential workers, and healthcare workers across the country since the outbreak of COVID pandemic. Their masks are made of 100% cotton fabric, and have a slot for the user to place a filter in it! How cool and functional is that? They make adult sized, fitted, pleated, and CHILD size masks!  Mrs. Nguyen has also started making scrub caps to donate too! 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the safety of our neighbors! You are a true HERO!

To learn more about the good work SAP-VN does click here.  To donate to the American Red Cross go here.

(Oh yea, Mrs. Nguyen is a bit camera shy and requested we used a model for the image. The masks she made in our colors were donated to the local independently owned grocery store for their employees and patrons)

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