Self-Care Tips During a Pandemic

Self-Care Tips During a Pandemic

Self-Care Steps to Feel Comfortable Leaving the House

As the world begins to open up, we are still feeling the stress from stay-at-home orders. Also, we’ve totally forgotten how to do our hair and makeup for work. For some of us, our schedules may be a little thrown off balance, especially if we have been maintaining work, caring for our family, and not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow.

Maintain a Routine

The first step in feeling great is maintaining your routine. Try your hardest to pretend you are leaving the house, so get up on time and get ready for work whether your workday commute is a half-hour or just a walk downstairs. Make sure this routine starts at night. Wind down similarly to how you would normally. If you are just getting back to your workplace, this is going to be the most important step to improve your mood and feel great.

Do Something Just for You

The last few months have been very draining on many people. Taking care of yourself, your family, and neighbors can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Try to force yourself to take about 20 minutes to do something that is just for you. Work out, go for a drive, or go through your beauty ritual. Our favorite treat is to do our nails. Try out a color you might not expect and give yourself a little manicure at home.


As businesses begin to reopen, some states have opened hair and nail salons. The decision to begin participating in open businesses is very personal. Some people might jump right into the salon chair, while others want to stay socially distant. If you want to stay home, using our Nail Pops can be an easy way to keep your nails looking beautiful. Use a summery set or an ice cream color to feel the summer fun.

Getting ready to get back out into the world can be a challenge. By using our tips, you can ease yourself into normalcy and make yourself feel great. If you want to share the love, send a Mani-Care Package to your daughter, mom, or friend.


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