Socially Distant Graduation Party Ideas

Socially Distant Graduation Party Ideas

Tips for Celebrating a Socially Distant Graduation

As graduations across the country approach, parents and students are finding innovative ways to celebrate this milestone while still staying mindful of health guidelines. Just because graduations are going online, doesn’t mean you can’t plan a graduation celebration that you can enjoy. It is important to still highlight our grads and show them that their achievement is a meaningful and exciting achievement!

Virtual Parties

Throwing a party on Zoom can seem intimidating, but all you have to do is make sure you are inviting the right people. Give your guest of honor and other attendees a reason to dress up and celebrate. You can send out a fun digital invitation and make the party feel like it’s in-person.

Honor Your Grad

Use frames, posterboards, and shadowboxes to turn your home into a showpiece for your grad’s accomplishments. You can hop on Cameo and order a special message from a celebrity who they love. Make sure that they feel special and that their accomplishments have been recognized.

Drive-By Graduation Party

Drive-by graduation gatherings are becoming really popular for socially distant graduation celebrations. Your guests will drive-by your home and you can wave or have a quick chat from a safe distance. Some party planners have recommended setting up a gift box near your mailbox for guests to toss in presents that can be rounded up at the end of the drive-by. You can also give out favors through their car windows so they don’t leave empty-handed.

Shower Them with Gifts

Giving gifts is going to show your grad that you are proud of what they’ve done and that you want to congratulate them. A gift that we love to give is one of our Mani-Care Packages. The recipient can choose from different bundles so you don’t have to worry about picking out something that they won’t like. These are great for graduation gifts because they are small enough to accompany any other gift that you might be sending a grad, or big enough if you can’t contribute too much.

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