This image contains a collage of Cutie Pop Nail Shop's spring nails.

The 18 Best Nail Designs this Spring 2023!

This image contains a collage of Cutie Pop Nail Shop's spring nails.Pastel colors, flowers, wave designs, swirls, and French tips are back in this spring! Check out all our Spring Nail Designs here!

As we bid farewell to the cozy, darker shades of winter, and the new spring 2023 fashion trends make their way in, we’re excited to welcome a host of beautiful and refreshing spring nail designs this Easter period.

This year, we’re seeing a delightful mix of classic spring favorites, eye-catching innovation, and chic, minimalist designs. From micro-French tips and floral rhinestones to retro swirls and 3D nail art, this spring’s got a bit of everything. 

So let us share with you our 18 favorite spring nail designs from the new season so far. Whatever your tastes, we’re confident you’ll find something you love among our selection of spring nail art below.

1/18 - Easter Bunny Nails

Cutie Pop Nails Shop's Easter Bunny spring nails.Instagram/@cutiepopnailshop

What would a spring nails blog be without at least one set of Easter-themed nails thrown in? These nails, created by yours truly, feature our favorite Easter bunny as pastel-colored decals against a transparent topcoat. Vibrant and fun, they’ll put a spring - or should we say a hop? - in your step this season! Check them out on our TikTok page here!

2/18 - Simply Pastel Nails

Cutie Pop Nail Shop's pastel spring nails.Instagram/@cutiepopnailshop

Another treat from us, these pastel-colored spring nails feature Strawberry Creamsicle, Just Peachy, and Snow White nail polish strips. Curious about the speckled blue accent with the spring lavender and turquoise sparkles? Check out our Naida polish strips here!

3/18 - Lilac-and-Mint Dots & Tips

This image contains lilac-and-mint spring nails featuring dots and tips.Instagram/@monika_nails

These alternating lilac-and-mint skittle dots and tips look so subtle against the French Beige Milk topcoat. Unannounced and classy, this fresh look epitomizes the current minimalist spring nails trend. We love them!

4/18 - Pastel Mint with Daisy Accents

This image features pastel mint and pink nails with daisy accents.Instagram/@heluviee

We’re liking the pastel mint and daisy accent combo here. This simple, yet stylish juxtaposition is compelling, and the daisies are easy to create. For the petals, simply work on an opaque white polish (such as OPI’s Alpine Snow) over a milky-beige nude nail, then stipple the center of each flower with a dotting tool or line brush.

5/18 - Multicolored French Tips

This image contains Cutie Pop Nail Shop's multicolored French tip nails.Instagram/@cutiepopnailshop

Alongside the rise of micro-French tips this spring is the arrival of multicolored French tips. These vibrant nails by us at Cutie Pop Nail Shop feature Yellow Starburst, Strawberry Creamsicle, and Orange Creamsicle colors, creating - we think! - a fun and stylish palette suitable for spring and even summer!

6/18 - Matte Pastel Nails

This image features an assortment of matte pastel nails.Instagram/@charsgelnails_

These matte-finish nails cover the full pastel palette, reminding us of Easter eggs! Made using gel matte tops, they’re a cool counterpoint to the glassy varnishes we’re used to seeing, and their boldness catches our eye immediately. Expect to see a lot more matte nails this spring - or why not just check out our very own range of Solid Colors?

7/18 - Flowers on Your Fingertips

This image contains Cutie Pop Nail Shop's Flowers on Your Fingertips Nails, featuring a combination of Just Peachy and Flower Bursts nail polish strips.Instagram/@cutiepopnailshop

Another Cutie Pop Nail Shop mani that we just had to throw is this combo of Flower Bursts and Just Peachy nail polish strips. We love the interplay between the wax-peach color and bright spring flowers against the black background. Eye-catching, don’t ya think?

8/18 - Gothic Tips & Dark Daisies

This image contains nails with gothic-style black French tips and dark daisy accents.Instagram/@nailsdesign_rachel

We’re loving this Goth-inspired twist on this year’s spring daisy theme. While these nails lack the in-vogue pastel-color springtime hallmark, they make up for it with their stylish combination of dark daisies, French tips, and flecked-white flourishes on a familiar lip-gloss base coat. Uncommon and undersung, we’re excited to see more gothcore nails this spring.

9/18 - Fully Floral Spring Nails

This image contains hand-painted floral spring nails.Instagram/@han.polished

Alright, so floral nails for springtime are… hardly groundbreaking. But that’s because, done right, their fresh look is downright pretty! This mani by Hannah Leong is simple, yet the interplay of vibrant green, blue, purple, and orange flower designs against the clear topcoat is stylish and eye-catching.

10/18 - Very, Very Blue!

This image contains a hand with fingernails painted in an electric-blue color.Instagram/@thehangedit

Lovers of electric blue will be pleased to know that the color’s very much in vogue this spring and summer. Bold and attention-grabbing, it’s hard to imagine what these beautiful cobalt-blue nails wouldn’t go well with. Plus, we adore the delightful white-and-black daisy accents! Try Orly’s It’s Brittney Beach nail lacquer for this stylish, fresh look!

11/18 - Swirly Spring Nails

This image contains pink and swirly spring nails by Cutie Pop Nail Shop.Instagram/@cutiepopnailshop

We know that ‘70s-inspired swirling nail designs are in this spring, so we thought we’d go right ahead and create some of our very own! This fun mix brings together our Snow White, Coral Lips, It’s Minty, and Royal Emerald nail colors, creating a fresh - yet retro - look this spring!

12/18 - Squiggly Spring Nails

These spring nails feature pastel-colored squiggles on a clear topcoat.Instagram/@_by_shelley

These artistic-looking squiggles are a further nail design trending this spring, and the best bit is just how easy they are to create! Get yourself a nail polish liner brush, then apply your favorite pastel nail colors (these ones are by The GelBottle Inc) over a clear milky-beige base layer, and you’re there.

13/18 - Glamorous Green Nails

This image contains spring nails that have green and floral designs.Instagram/@yaris.nails

These spring nails combine a deep emerald-green gloss with simple, floral designs and 3D daisy nail art against a natural-color topcoat. The result is an elegant finish that is in equal measure arty and contemporary!

14/18 - Peach with Vintage Roses

This image contains Cutie Pop Nail Shop's Just Peachy and Vintage Roses nail polish strips.Instagram/@cutiepopnailshop

Okay, so this isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned our Just Peachy nail polish strips in this blog, but check out how they look as accents beside these gorgeous Vintage Roses nails! We love the combination of soft orange, green, yellow, pink, and blue tones, and we think the combination of old and new sets this mani apart this spring!

15/18 - Hearts, Flowers, Stars & Smiles

This varied spring nails manicure features flowers, hearts, stars, and smiles against pastel-color topcoats.  Instagram/@noellefuyunails

Soft pastel colors meet a range of classic springtime designs on these cute and colorful hand-painted press-ons. From check patterns to concentric hearts, this multicolored smorgasbord is one to remember this spring!

16/18 - Baby Blue Nails

These baby blue-themed spring nails feature two French tips, an accent with a heart, and a solid, all-blue accent.Instagram/@gelsbybry

These subtle yet charming spring nails bring together French tips, an innocent love heart accent, and a single, Bluefin-colored accent, creating a delicate and playful springtime look. As we’ve all heard, less is often more, and these baby-blue nails prove just that.

17/18 - Half-French Mani

This image features a half-French manicure, styled with pink colors.Instagram/@paznokcie.aleksandra

This discreet half-French manicure is our penultimate pick of favorite nail designs this spring. Ideal for all nail lengths, this contemporary twist on the classic French mani is already popular this season, and we’re loving the different colors we’re seeing so far (though we’re particularly keen on this subtle-and-bright pink combo!).

18/18 - Wavy Tip Nails

This image contains wavy tip scalloped spring nails by Cutie Pop Nail Shop.Instagram/@cutiepopnailshop

Our final pick of spring nail designs is by none other than yours truly! We created this wavy look using scalloped scissors and pastel nail strips. Bright and playful, we love the colorful rolling wave effect (or are they clouds?) of these nails. We hope you love this fresh spring nail design too!

Want to brighten up your nails this spring? Check out our incredible collection of Spring Nail Designs - with everything from Daisies in Spring and Naida nail polish strips, to our Tulips nail stickers! Plus, share your spring nails with us on Instagram by tagging #CutiePopNailShop, and we’ll share your post on our official account. We look forward to seeing all your beautiful spring nails!

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