Tips to using Cutie Pop nail polish strips (Part 1)

Tips to using Cutie Pop nail polish strips (Part 1)

Tips to using Cutie Pop nail polish strips (Part 1)

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1. Make sure hands are clean and dry before applying!

Nail polish strips stick best to dry nails. Some hand soaps have moisturizers in them and this can cause your nail strips to not stick as well to your nails. Check your hand soaps to ensure there are no oil or moisturizer residues on your nails. A quick swipe with alcohol can remove any oil or debris residue from your nails.


2. Do not touch the sticky part.

Try your best not to touch the adhesive. It will affect the longevity of your nail strips! In addition to that, you do not want to trap bacteria or debris on your nail. You can use the wooden stick to hold the nail strip, or hold it on the side you are not using.


3. Use a nail clipper!

Smooth edges prevents snagging and lifting of the nail strip from the edge of the nail. If it is difficult to get the edge of your nail nice and smooth (maybe your nails are very short), you can use a nail clipper. Just trim the excess nail strip with the clippers or nail scissors! 


4. Seal the edges

The quickest areas for nail polish to chip or wear down is the edges of the nail. Similarly, nail strips can lift and wear down at the tip quicker. Seal the edges by pressing the strips down firmly into the sides of your nails. Be sure you seal the edges and tip of the nail with 1-2 layers of a good top coat


5. Stick the clear protective film on the foil pouch!

Does the clear protective film keep sticking to your fingers? Try placing them on the foil pouch. They’ll cling to the pouch instead of your fingers!


Nail polish strips are easy to apply and they can last quite a long time. They are perfect to wear for special occasions or for a night out! We hope these tips help you get gorgeous salon-quality manicures in the comfort of your home! Stay tuned for Part 2 of tips and tricks to long-lasting nail polish strip manicures. 

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