Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Chibi Slayers nail decals. These kawaii chibi-style fanart nail decal designs include miniature anime slayer characters such as nezuko and tanjiro. The characters are dressed in combat-friendly attire, which is multicolored. Other designs include a bloody knife, a brown sitting bird, a range of light-pink-colored flowers, pink and blue butterflies, pink and white leaves, a person with a boar’s head, a person hiding in a box, and a neko mask.

Chibi Slayers

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These Chibi Slayers nail decals are the perfect combination of cute and fierce! With chibi-style versions of shinobu, nezuko, demon slayers and their unique accessories, these self-adhesive nail stickers are ideal for showing off your love for incredible anime demon fighters! Ultra-thin and super-cute, give your nails an unbeatable anime makeover with these Chibi Slayers nail decals!