This image showcases Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Cottage Core nail decals against a white background with a Cutie Pop Nail Shop logo and watermark. These back-to-nature-style nail decals designs include mushrooms, toadstools, frogs, frogs with wings, lilac gemstones, chrysalises, twigs, snails, wings, pestle-and-mortars with herbs, crescent moons, wooden doorways, and swords.

Cottage Core

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Get back to nature with these self-adhesive Cottage Core nail decals! From crescent moons to chrysalises, froggy to fungi, these rural-inspired self-adhesive stickers are perfect for those wanting to bring a more traditional way of living to their nails. Herbs, gemstones, wings, sticks, swords and doors, these ultra-thin 2D nail decals will imbue your nails with a cottage-core vibe!