Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Digipet Eevolution nail decals. These nail decals feature a range of multicolor pocket-monster-style handheld gaming devices. Colors include blue, orange, white, pink, black, and yellow. Each design is different, with one being furry, another having a leaf design, another having wings, and another having webbed features. There are also a range of multicolor star designs as well as multicolored pocket monster balls.

Digipet Eevolution

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Unleash your love for pocket monsters and virtual pets with these super-rare, Digipet Eevolution nail decals! Easy to peel and apply, these self-adhesive virtual pet-style nail stickers feature different evolutions inspired by popular pocket monster-collecting games! Showcase your love of Japan's anime and gaming culture with these incredible, ultra-thin 2D hybrid nail decals!