This image showcases Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Ghibli nail decals against a white background with a Cutie Pop Nail Shop logo and watermark. These nail decal designs include a range of black and blue forest animals, a black-and-white ghost with red facial markings, a black tentacled creature with eyes, a range of stars in different colors, a chibi-style girl with brown hair and red attire, and a chibi-style boy with short black hair and yellow and orange attire.

Friendly Neighbor

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Celebrate the magic of animated fantasy adventures with these cute and colorful nail stickers! These self-adhesive and ultra-thin nail decals are perfect for fans of whimsical animated films. Find your favorite characters with these 2D nail decals. This pack includes forest spirits, moon princesses, and shadow creatures - among others! Share your love for these awesome stories with these easy-peel-and-apply chibi-style nail stickers!