Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Llamacorn nail decals. Nail sticker designs include a purple-colored llamacorn (half unicorn, half llama), a pink llama, a lilac llamacorn, a green llamacorn with sunglasses, a white llamacorn with sunglasses, a multicolored llamacorn with sunglasses, a rainbow heart, a rainbow lollipop, a rainbow heart with wings, sparkles, a donut with pink glazing, pink and yellow sunglasses, a rainbow whose ends are smiling clouds with dark sunglasses, blue sparkles, and a rainbow star.


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Ever wondered what happens when you cross a llama, a unicorn, and our ultra-thin, ultra-high-quality nail stickers? That’s right, you get Cutie Pop Nail Shop Llamacorn self-adhesive nail decals. These psychedelic, 2D designs feature colorful llamas with unicorn horns, donuts, glitter, sunglasses, rainbow hearts, stars, lollipops, and more! Easy to peel, apply and remove, give your nails a kaleidoscopic makeover with these Llamacorn nail decals!