This image showcases Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s RetroGamer nail decals against a white background with a Cutie Pop Nail Shop logo and watermark. These nail decal designs include vintage video game controllers, block puzzles, power-up stars, lightning bolts, arcade machines, handheld gaming devices, red, yellow, and green gems, bombs with lit fuses, health bars, animated ghosts, and yellow circles with messing segments (to resemble a mouth) eating yellow dots.


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Recall the golden era of arcade games and classic gaming consoles? Bring back those nostalgic memories with our RetroGamer self-adhesive nail stickers! These easy-peel-and-apply nail decals come in a range of designs including block puzzles, power-up stars, vintage controllers, handheld gaming devices, health bars, and more! Ultra-thin and super retro, express your love for gaming with these fantastic nail stickers!