This image showcases Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s She Can! nail decals against a white background with a Cutie Pop Nail Shop logo and watermark. These neon red, pink, yellow, and purple designs include images of fists, hands in a sign of solidarity, lips, glasses, lip polish, stilettos, the female sex symbol, lipsticks, thunderbolts, stars, flowers, and gym weights, as well as messages including ‘She Can!’, ‘’Stay Fierce!’, ‘Women’s Rights’, ‘Superwomen’, Louder, Girl!’, ‘Femme Power!’, and ‘Rise Up!’.

She Can!

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Doubt getting the better of you, ladies? These self-adhesive decals are just what you need to remind you - and everyone else - that there’s NOTHING you can’t do! Build yourself up with these all-attitude-no-nonsense pink, red, yellow, and purple nail decals. Easy to peel and apply, these ultra-thin feminine nail decals include lip, nail polish, stiletto, flower, fist-pump, star, and lightning designs, plus a range of empowering messages! Boost your ego with these glam nail decals, and remember - you CAN!