Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Trailblazers nail decals. Features black-and-white designs including glasses, Converse-style shoes, stilettos, the silhouette of women’s heads, crowns, Pearl necklace, and a range of messages including ‘You Can Do This’, ‘Dream’, ‘I’m Speaking’, Strength, ‘UNCensored’, ‘I Dissent’, and the famous Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote, ‘Women Belong In All Places Where Decisions are Being Made’.


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Hey, ladies! Tired of glass ceilings and hiding your inner true strength? Get your nails to do the talking with these bold, ultra-thin Trailblazers self-adhesive decals. Our straight-talking, easy-peel-and-apply nail decals feature inspiring messages such as ‘Dream’, ‘You Can Do This’, and RBG’s famous quote, ‘Women belong in all places where decisions are being made’ - plus a range of female empowerment designs. Give your nails a trailblazer makeover, and celebrate what it means to be a woman!