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Unicorn Gift Set

Unicorn Gift Set

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Unicorn Lover's Bundle

The ultimate nail polish strip set for unicorn lovers! Everyone needs a little magic in their life, and these mystical creatures are here to whisk you away.  This features 3 sets of nail strips and 1 set of nail stickers that has over 60 stickers. Mix up the sets to make new manicures! Put the nail stickers on the white or purple nail strips. This is the perfect unicorn nail strip gift set for daughters, granddaughters, nieces and girlfriends who want to enjoy in the magic of unicorns. Better yet, host a unicorn theme party and use these as party favors or gift prizes!


1 Unicorns

1 Snow White

1 Whispers of Lilac

1 Unicorns & Sweets nail decals

Each set of nail strips comes with 16 nail strips, 1 mini nail file and 1 cuticle stick.

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