Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Witchy Vibes nail decals. These neon purple-and-turquoise nail decal designs include leaves, eyes, toadstools, books of spells, bats, brushes, bones, diamonds, witch spell scrolls, vials of potions, bottles of potions, keys with skulls, pumpkins, hands with eyes on their palms, individual teeth, skulls, twisted daggers, crystal balls, angry, menacing cat faces, sun, eyeballs, cups of witch’s brew with ghouls emerging, gemstones, and broomsticks.

Witchy Vibes

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These purple-and-turquoise Witchy Vibes nail decals are just the thing if you’re wanting to give your nails that spooky look! Whether it’s pumpkins or potions, eyeballs or crystal balls, ghouls or witch’s goulash, put a spell on your nails with these eerie, self-adhesive nail stickers. Easy to peel, apply and remove, carry the witch’s curse on your fingertips with these ultra-thin 2D nail decals!