This image showcases Cutie Pop Nail Shop’s Wizards nail decals against a white background with a Cutie Pop Nail Shop logo and watermark. These chibi-style Wizards nail decal designs include a miniature brown-haired wizard wearing glasses with a scar on his forehead, a red-haired wizard with a broomstick, a long, brown-haired wizard with a broomstick, a white owl, a lightning bolt, a yellow-and-brown scarf, a conical brown hat with a menacing face, a wand, a golden trinket with wings, and glasses.


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Give your nails the ultimate magical miniature makeover with these chibi-style self-adhesive nail decals! With designs including our favorite wizard and his friends, as well as magical creatures, enchanted hats, scarves, broomsticks, wands, glasses, lightning scars, and golden trinket designs, these nail stickers are the perfect way to show off your enchanting credentials! Easy to peel, apply, and remove, bring magic to your fingertips with our Wizards nail stickers!