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Rudolf Nail Polish Strips

Rudolf Nail Polish Strips

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With these cute Rudolph nail polish strips, this head reindeer will be busy leading the way and carrying Santa’s sleigh through the snow to your nails! In order for Santa to make it around the world and to each child’s house, his reindeers would have fly 650 miles per second…that’s 3000 times faster than the speed of sound! In addition to that, they are perfectly adapted for snow, rain, different terrain as the pads on their hooves can expand and contract for better traction depending on the weather conditions! They can even swim in water (although they won’t really need to do that if they’re flying Santa’s sleigh….). These amazing animals also have an internal clock so they won’t have jet lag after staying up all night delivering all those presents.

This nail wrap set features individual reindeer on a white background. Of course, it has the most famous of them all – Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer! His nose is a fun red glitter to ensure that he can light the way to some holiday fun.

Rudolf with a glitter nose on a solid white background.

100% real nail polish.

Learn how to easily apply these Rudolph nail polish strips by clicking here.


100% real nail polish.

14-16 double-ended nail polish strips
1 mini nail file
1 cuticle stick

Non-Toxic. Made without phthalates, formaldehydes, toluene, parabens, DBP, camphor, acetone.

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