Pastel Nail Polish Vs Nail Polish Strips!

Pastel Nail Polish Vs Nail Polish Strips!

Why Pastel Nail Pops Are Easier to Use than Pastel Polish

We always love a light, pastel-colored nail. Over time, we’ve seen many celebrities or characters on TV with beautiful light pink or purple nails and we try to recreate it every time. We go out and purchase the closest color, get home to try it out immediately, and each time we are left with a streaky, messy-looking coat of transparent polish.

The condensed color in the bottle is always going to look more opaque and challenge our expectations. We’ll think that we will see the clean, light color wash over our nails and dry into a milky, buttery color. There are plenty of blog posts and magazine articles about how to make your polish more opaque, but they are not all reliable. Using Nail Pops might be the answer to your polish problems.

Nail Pops are made from real nail polish, but they have been crafted to be true-to-color. There are no more guessing games when it comes to the outcome of your nail color.  Peony Pink is a favorite that will never fail to give you a classic look. Periwinkle can give your nails the appearance of a flower garden without too much bold color. It’s Minty will be an homage to a cold summer treat – mint chocolate chip ice cream! All of these colors can make your summer style look clean and neat without any streaks. Check out the full Solid Colors line for solid and pastels that are easy-to-apply. Don't forget to pair them with an overlay here

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