Mask Match!

Mask Match!


Have you heard of “Mask Match”?

Mask Match is an organization that is helping match front line healthcare workers with free N95 masks that people have in their homes. Up to date they’ve matched over HALF A MILLION masks to healthcare workers nationwide! They are powered by a team of volunteers, and DONORS in the community. A shortage of PPE and masks is no joke for our healthcare workers who are putting themselves at risk at the forefront during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What have we been doing? Cutie Pop Nail Shop founder has been volunteering with them to help match up masks with healthcare professionals! When she first heard of them, she immediately reached out to join their team of volunteers. Often working through the night, she responded to emails, matched up mask donors and recipients, sent out tracking confirmations and followed up with any questions donors or recipients had! Compassion, community, and volunteerism are at the core of Cutie Pop Nail Shop. Thanks for setting an example for all of us here at Cutie Pop Nail Shop!

How can you help? If you have extra N95, P95, R95, KN95 or surgical masks laying around you can sign up to get matched and donate them to a healthcare worker or facility in need! You can find someone in your area to do a local drop off, or you can mail it out them. They also accept homemade cloth masks if you're an avid sewer! The recipients are screened and vetted by Mask Match volunteers to ensure that they are going to a healthcare worker that needs them.  

Check out their website here at

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